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BBB Garage Door Repair

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Finding The Best Garage Door Repair Stanton CA Available

What problems can you encounter?

If you are worried about your curb appeal for your home, your garage doors may play a role in this. When you add a garage door to the front of your house, you can store many of your belongings, as well as your vehicles, in the garage area. Over time, however, things will begin to break down. Garage door repair Stanton CA will give you many problems related to needing garage door repair Stanton CA professionals to come and help you.

Garage Door Repair Stanton

Springs In Garage Doors

With most garage doors that are made, a minimum of one, and potentially two, springs will be part of its construction. The springs help to balance the door when it is opened upor closed. If you have an electric garage door opener, these typically last for about 10 years, maybe less, and usually for about 10,000 openings and closings. If you have recently noticed a 2 inch gap, this could be because the spring has broken. If you run your opener, and it does not open the garage door, you definitely have a problem. If you have checked to see if there is a broken spring, mostly because it won’t open or close anymore, you should contact a professional to get this fixed before it gets worse.

Roller Is No Longer In The Track

There are small wheels that roll on a track, like a train, which is how the garage door is able to open up. Just like a train, if the wheels come off the track, it could cause significant problems. This is typically not a life-threatening situation as it would be with a train, but if you do have a roller that is out of alignment, it can cause significant damage to the door itself. Just like the springs, it is possible that your rollers are worn down.

The Door Is Extremely Heavy

Once your garage doors out of balance, it can become very heavy. An indication that the garage door is not functioning is that if you try to manually lift it, check to see if it falls back down to the ground. If it’s well-balanced, it should stay where you lifted it, or stop wherever you hit the button with your electric door opener. The torque in the springs for your garage door may be compromised if you are having problems, which means you need to get this rebalanced by professional.

Garage Door Repair Stanton CA
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Repairs of this type need to be done by a garage door repair professional. There are many stories that you have probably heard about people losing limbs or fingers as a result of trying to fix their garage or on their own. If you are smart, look for indicators of problems, and if you see them, contact garage door repair Stanton CA professionals in your area.